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Sara Pope 'Decadence (Pink)' Signed, Artist's Proof Print

Sara Pope 'Decadence (Pink)' Signed, Artist's Proof Print

Sara Pope (b.1973)
Decadence (Pink), 2017
Archival Inkjet with a White Diamond Dust on Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm Paper Edition: AP Artist's Proof (aside from the numbered edition of 25)
Signed lower right
Printed and published by Jealous Print Studio, London
Full sheet: 81cm x 103cm (31.89 x 40.55 inches)
Frame size 34-3/4 x 44 inches


Sara Pope’s contemporary pop paintings depict plumped-up, glossy human lips. She renders these glamorous lips in a hyperrealistic style, but enhances their luster to suggest viscous fluids. Pope worked as a shoe designer for over a decade, and her paintings are informed by her experience in the fashion industry. She begins with photographs from shoots she stages with models, which she uses as reference images. Rendered with thin, oil-diluted paint, her canvases are slick and precise. They explore ideas circulating around conventions of beauty and aspirations toward a feminine ideal while emphasizing the communicative power of small gestures.

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