Starting an Art Collection

Starting an Art Collection

Looking to start an art collection but the dream of owning an original painting by a blue chip artist seems out of reach? A limited edition, signed print will make your dreams come true by allowing you to own a work by the same artist, but at an affordable price point.

Let's take Robert Motherwell for example. Motherwell, is unmistakably one of the greatest American Abstract Expressionist painters of the 20th century. This painting titled 'At Five in the Afternoon', sold for a record breaking $12,690,000 at auction in 2018.

For serious fans of Robert Motherwell, a limited edition print can be acquired at a much more reasonable price. This lithograph titled 'Elegy Black Black, from El Negro' from an edition of 98 and pencil signed by the artist sold in 2023 for $7,500.

Portfolio offers several of Motherwell's limited editions. Shown below is a work titled 'Stephen's Iron Crown Etched'. This print is a lift-ground etching and aquatint on German Etching paper, with an edition of run 66 and is signed by Motherwell. This work is documented in Motherwell's catalogue raisonné and an edition of this print is also in the permanent collection of the MoMa (object 255.1982). This print is priced at $4,000.

Robert Motherwell | Stephen's Iron Crown Etched (1982) | Artsy

Limited Editions provide accessibility to new collectors who are interested in acquiring works by blue chip artists. They allow collectors to dip their toes into the art scene without the considerable amount of investment up front, allowing them to hone their interests and develop their collecting style.

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