Meet us at the fair!

Meet us at the fair!

We are excited to announce our participation in the 2024 San Francisco Art Fair! Here is a sneak peak at some of the works that will be exhibited. We hope to see you there!

1. Damien Hirst (British, b. 1965)
Beautiful, Equally Unfeasible, However Ideal, Less Important, Grand but Noble And Enduring Nimbus Painting, 2023
From the series 'The Beautiful Paintings'
Giclée print on poly-cotton artist canvas mounted on a birch plywood stretcher
Edition Number: H12-2-26
Signed by the artist lower center
Published and printed by Heni Editions, Catalog Number: H12-2
70cm x 70cm

Just like Hirst's painted Spin Paintings there was an element of chance in the creation of these works. The images generated by Heni's machine-learning algorithm, allowed collectors to generate original artworks in a range of selected colors and effects. Likewise, the final output also had an element of randomness - making each work an original and unique piece. 

2. Peter Doig (b.1959)
Alice at Boscoes's (D2-3), 2023
Diasec-mounted Giclée Print on aluminum composite panel
Edition of 250 + 25 APs
Hand signed and numbered recto
Published by Heni Editions, London
Framed Dimensions 40.95 in H x 53.54 in L (104 x 136cm)

From Heni Editions: "Made after Peter Doig’s Alice at Boscoe’s (2014-2023) painting, the artwork embodies many of the captivating formal qualities that occur throughout Doig’s Trinidadian works. In particular, Doig’s use of color in these works has earned him comparisons to the likes of Paul Gauguin. This is seen in Alice at Boscoe’s through the saturated oranges and reds of the hammock and brickwork that loudly sing from the picture plane and contrast with the deep greens of the tropical foliage. The brickwork and tiling that dominate the composition are some of Doig’s favored motifs, appearing in many guises in his work beyond Trinidad, that conspire to transform the mundane in something visually arresting and captivating to the imagination.  

Despite the eye-catching vibrant color, there is an introspective and quiet quality to Alice at Boscoe’s. Alice, shown deep in contemplation or slumber, is painted translucently, so much so that the background greenery can be seen through her lifted legs almost as if she is melting away into the Trinidadian air. Compared to her bold surroundings, Alice appears almost like a pale and ghostly apparition, evoking the isolated lone figures that crop up frequently across Doig’s oeuvre, here evoking a sense of transience and emotional distance.  

As is often the case with Doig’s work, the vivid and hypnotizing Alice at Boscoe’s started its life as a photograph, this time an image taken of his daughter Alice, then aged 10, slumped in a hammock at the family’s house in Trinidad. The photograph then became a painting and was finally completed in Doig’s London studio in 2023, after a careful nine-year period of gestation."

3. David Shrigley (British, b.1968)
'Everything is Fine', 2023
15 color screenprint with a varnish overlay on Somerset Satin Tub sized 410 gsm paper
Edition 65/125 (+12 Artist's Proofs)
Signed and dated on verso
Published by Shrig Shop
Sheet size 29.5  x 22 inches
Frame size 25-5/8 x 33-5/8 inches

*Framed image is for inspirational purposes only

David Shrigley's artistic style is a brilliant fusion of dark humor, childlike simplicity and a keen eye for the absurd. His art is undeniably funny, using wit and satire to expose the absurdities that permeate our daily lives.
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